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Beginning of the Year Math Diagnostic

I find that having data on the students to begin the year is quite helpful in creating groups, gauging where to start with your students, and basically having a good grasp of the ability levels of your class as a whole.  (I know, everyone just let out a big "DUH" right now...)

However, this past year while we are in transition to CCSS, we didn't have a state test.  I mean, we took a practice one geared to see how it would actually go on the computers and such, but we didn't have one that would give us any end of the year data on the kids.  Consequently, we don't have anything now that we can use to help us gauge our class.  There is just no major source of data in math and language arts for us to draw on.

So I had to make something myself....and I wanted to share it with you.

This is a 5th grade Beginning of the Year math assessment.  It has all of the 4th grade math standards in a multiple choice format just so I can see what the kids know and what they are struggling with.

 I also made a nice little data breakdown sheet so I can see at a quick glance just what skills the class as a whole needs help with, what they have mastered, and who in particular needs remediation on what.  You can click here to see how I actually use this type of sheet weekly in my class.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to share the test with you.  4th grade teachers, feel free to use it as an end of year assessment :)  Click here to access and download the test.


  1. This is fantastic! I just gave the start of year diagnostic test in the math series, and I didn't find it all that helpful. This will be much more useful, since my students (I'm looping with about 1/2 my 4th graders from last year) should know these standards since I used all your 4th grade math materials with them. The rest of the students - I want to know where they stand in math and how they adapt to the way I'm going to teach this year, using your 5th grade materials, of course.

    I wanted to tell you that today after school some parents from last year came up and complimented me on my teaching from last year. I have to say, the things they mentioned as being especially useful to their students were all your products (plus Runde's Room's Interactive Math Journals). I knew your materials had made a difference, and it was nice to see that the parents recognized it as well. Thank you for your blog and your TPT products. They are fantastic!

    Jan T.

    1. Thank you so much for saying that Jan. I had a HORRIBLE day on TpT (simply because of one person....hate how one person can totally change your entire outlook on the was great with my class!) and I really needed to hear what you said. Thank you.


    2. Thank-you SO much, Jan. That is so wonderful to hear. And I agree ... ALL of Stephanie's resources are brilliant. It's no wonder the parents remember them. :)

  2. Is there any chance you could make a diagnostic for third grade? I was on TPT yesterday looking for an end of year second grade assessment I could use next week. Thanks so much for all you do!

  3. I'm with Ellen, do you have a version for 4th grade?

  4. Thanks for sharing, this is great!!

    Our state legislation is now saying they want to transition AWAY from CCS (it's always something, isn't it?). Have a great year!


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